Rwanda Updates

22 September 2017

Where am I?

  • Kinazi Sector, Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda

What’s happening in my life?

  • Teaching
    Halfway through the third term, teaching is still a struggle for me. Some days are great, and other days I feel like nothing I do is successful. The students and I are constantly working to understand each other, to find ways to learn that engage all their learning styles, that focus on skills they need. 
  • ICT Club
    A while back a student asked me to teach him about computers outside of class. Teaching a single student is not an efficient use of time, so instead of having individual lessons, we started a club. Every week I work with the ICT teacher at the school to teach thirty-five senior 1 and senior 2 students about basic computer skills. Last week we learned to make a file folder, retrieve items from the recycle bin, and move files. We’re also working on learning to type. Most of these kids have no access whatsoever to computers outside of an hour or two a week at school, if that.

How can you pray for me?

  • Health
    I’ve been low-key sick a lot lately. My schedule has me getting up extremely early on school days, so I haven’t been getting enough/good quality sleep for the past term and a half. As a result, my immune system has developed a habit of crashing at every weekend, more or less. This makes it extremely difficult to feel motivated or to work up the energy to work on projects and lessons. Pray that I will stay healthy and that I will be able to work well even when I’m not feeling at my best.
  • Projects
    I’m working on some secondary projects now. A teacher at my school has approached me about several different potential projects for the school and community, so now I’m working to find out ways to make those projects feasible and sustainable. Pray for wisdom in deciding which projects to tackle and how to go about them.
  • Patience
    Working with my Rwandan coworkers is a constant battle for me; I’m not great at team work at the best of times, and Rwandans have a very different way of making and carrying out plans. They somehow manage to get many things done fairly efficiently, but I have yet to really understand how that process works, and in the meantime, I find myself often confused and frustrated. Pray that I will have patience with them, that I will be flexible, and that I will keep a clear perspective on our priorities.

I’m grateful for all the encouragement and support I’ve received so far. Thank you for coming along on this adventure!