About Me

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth.

I believe that stories are our most valuable resource and that vocabularies build realities. I’m off on adventures around the world, and I’d love to share them with you.

What makes me…well, me?

  • I’m a third-culture kid—I grew up in Panama and on the Mexico-Arizona border
  • I’m a wholehearted bibliophile—used bookstores are my special weakness
  • I adore learning languages—I’m currently working on Kinyarwanda
  • I’m plagued by wanderlust—I like to move often, but when that’s not an option, I collect passport stamps
  • I minored in psychology—I’m particularly fascinated by abnormalities of perception and sensation (I have synaesthesia; if you do too, hit me up for a chat!)
  • I have social anxiety, but my passion is helping people feel valued
  • I’m unapologetically addicted to caffeine
  • I play a handful of musical instruments at varying levels of mediocrity
  • I can’t resist animals of any kind—my pets have included a horse and a pair of Madagascar hissing cockroaches
  • I periodically recommit to yoga
  • I love copyediting—probably too much
  • I value the Oxford comma—it’s important, and I will fight you

What do I do?

I’m a freelance writer and editor—you can hire me here.

My writing includes short stories, radio scripts, devotionals, articles, and this tribute to my grandmother. I also wrote a few posts for Odessey Online. And, like any self-respecting writer, I maintain a few small rooms’ worth of unpublished novel manuscripts in various stages of revision.

When not writing, I also enjoy tutoring and brainstorming with friends. That some of those friends may not be strictly real should not be an issue.

What’s my current adventure?

Peace Corps Rwanda!

I’m currently training in Rwamagana and will begin teaching in a secondary school in a few months. I’m eager to put my passion for literacy and language to use.

Thanks for coming along on my adventures!