About Me

Hi there! My name is Elizabeth.

I practise the art of writing without spilling coffee on my keyboard. I believe that stories are our most valuable resource, that vocabularies build realities, and that with the right perspective, anything can be an adventure.

I’m a freelance writereditor, and proofreader with a flair for fantasy and a passion for clarity. My experience includes technical documents, educational resources, blogs, novels, short stories, and children’s books.

What’s my current adventure?

Readjusting to the USA!

I’m losing my fear of tap water, marvelling at the cultural diversity around me, and trying to get financially stable again. Speaking of which, if you have some writing you’d like a professional pair of eyes on, I’d love to work with you—you can hire me through Upwork or send me a message directly to receive a quote.

Thanks for coming along!